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Founded by a group of seasoned industry professionals, Sundance Spirits Company is respected as a sales, marketing, and import company that has been built on a solid foundation of hard work, sustainable brand building, modern category awareness and innovation. Today, the U.S. consumers are more adventurous and knowledgeable about beverage alcohol than ever. Constantly evolving consumer demographics and drinking preferences put a special emphasis on developing each brands unique identity, making it easier to articulate industry trends and establish constant consumer engagement.

We are dedicated to promoting exceptional craft beverages in the U.S.

The popularity of craft alcohol is on the rise, and here at Sundance Spirits Company, we rejoice at the opportunity to help established and emerging producers of craft spirits, wine and beer grow their brands in the U.S.A. By educating consumers about artisanal alcohol and developing efficient and cost-effective routes to market, we help brands become enjoyed and appreciated by responsible consumers.

We are proud to represent some of the most unique and aspiring craft spirits makers, domestic and foreign. Our dedicated professionals are committed to delivering excellence and first-class solutions. We see each brand’s success story as our own. So, let us know how we can help. We’d love to work with you.

Marina Wilson President and CEO
What We Do

OUR services and capabilities

We have 12 years of experience in delivering a variety of technical services and powerful strategies to help brands succeed in a business that’s constantly changing. We are committed to developing long-term relationships with our trade buyers and suppliers. Our goal is to build strong and sustainable brands that resonate with modern consumers by utilizing the best sales and marketing professionals and equipping them with the most advanced tools in our industry – all in a transparent environment.

Our premier retailers


CONFIDENTIAL IN-DEPTH CONSULTATIONS Our experienced professionals will discuss your brand’s positioning, sales and profit goals. Each conversation we have will be kept strictly confidential.


reliable partner dedication to craft We are passionate advocates of all things craft, from beer to wine to distilled spirits, with a mission to nurture and grow artisanal brands in the U.S. market.


Custom-Tailored innovative solutions We’re experts in strategies that are as cost-efficient as they are effective. We offer custom-tailored solutions ranging from importation to regulatory compliance.


let your brand shine branding strategies We’ll develop a branding strategy for you that includes packaging design as well as digital and conventional marketing, which will give your brand a competitive edge.
How We Work

Our Clients

From established imports to small-batch domestic alcoholic beverages, we give each of our clients the same level of dedication and treat craftsmanship as important as market effectiveness. The personal connections we establish with our suppliers are paramount to our mission, and our focus on personal attention and proactive support has rewarded us with many enduring partnerships.


Foreign Producers

We’re proud to import innovative craft beverages from independent brands around the world and make them successful in the U.S. market.


Domestic Brands

Our portfolio includes domestic breweries, distilleries and wineries. Our goal is to redefine them and create strategies that work as hard as they do.


Craft Beverages

We work with emerging small beverage brands to provide retail solutions and get more consumers to discover their products.


Private Labels

From concept to packaging, we simplify distribution and help brands source what they need to, so they can get into the hands of the right consumers.


We Help Your Brand Stand Out

Unlimited Marketing and Packaging Possibilities

A customer’s initial experience with a new craft brand could be the first time they see it on a shelf. It’s not just enough to sell your product anymore, you have to make it look great too. Creating impressive packaging design along with a variety of marketing methods like promotions, tastings and social media advertising engage potential customers and increase brand awareness. More than ever, U.S. consumers are looking for a new craft experience - you just have to lead them to it.

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We Build Brands that Last

We Redefine Your Products, So You Can Focus on Growth

We collaborate with a diverse range of producers and work to bring each of their traditions and histories to the U.S. beverage market through marketing, industry trends and consumer engagement. Our experts work closely with distribution partners to make our brands more valuable to retailers and able to reach more customers across the country. We let our clients outsource these functions to us, not only increasing their productivity, but also giving them more time to develop other revenue streams and focus on their craft.

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We Provide Customized Solutions

We Offer Cost-Effective Services to Reach More Customers

We ensure that our brands stay relevant in today’s market by using methods like tasting programs and trade-buyer relationships to expand awareness of their products in the U.S. By developing simplified route-to-market strategies for each of our clients, we can accelerate their growth without using up their valuable time and resources. In addition to growing sales, we deliver cost savings by not charging large mark-ups or controlling marketing funds, unlike most importers.

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Our Distribution Partners
We are dedicated to building craft brands and bringing new and innovative products to the market for the wine & spirits trade and consumers at competitive prices.
How We Support Brands

Trade Buyers Partnerships

Creating a craft product that offers customers an excellent quality, authenticity, original flavor and stand-out packaging is only a first part of the brand's journey to consumer's shopping basket. To ensure lasting success, one needs to put substantial effort into developing relationships with wholesale distributors and retailers. We maintain a network of national and regional premier trade buyers and provide them with innovative products with excellent growth potential, marketing support and dedicated service needed to make sure our brands get high inventory turnover rates. By nurturing productive relationships with wholesale distributors, we can reduce costs, streamline the route-to-market process and focus on brand-development and sales.

Retail Outreach

To increase brand awareness, independent craft suppliers need to put in an extra effort to get their products on the shelves and in displays alongside multinational brands. We use successful tools and strategies like tasting events to familiarize customers with new products, designing creative point-of-sale materials and signage, and utilizing geo-targeted advertisement. Our sale professionals act as local brand advocates by conducting store visits with wholesalers’ sales reps and engaging trade buyers through training and education of beverage merchandisers and retail managers.

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We Are Passionate about Artisanal Brands

We Focus on Every Segment of the Craft Alcohol Industry

A premium brand builder, importer and marketer for premium independent craft beverage brands.

We are driven by solutions and the consumer experience with your brand. Our projects engage audiences, establish retail partners and drive sales. We want to collaborate with your team to create products that people enjoy. That’s what your brand deserves.

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Leveraging Resources to Speed Up Growth.

We support craft producers by managing their brands and partnering with distributors.

In a competitive and saturated retail environment, it’s important to utilize the most efficient routes to market that are designed with keeping specific attributes of craft beverage alcohol in mind. Whether you're selling into new accounts, fighting for menu placements and bar visibility, or making sure your brand is poised for success in off-premise accounts, your field team is the difference between someone buying your product or your competitor’s. Our team of experienced and talented industry professionals will help you to identify new shopping trends, opportunities for growth, competitive threats, and more and use that insight to build an intelligent strategy for sales and marketing that will help your brand to achieve peak performance on the shelf. To provide our suppliers with better opportunities for expansion, we work closely with our wholesale partners to oversee the distribution process and prevent retail execution errors like out of stocks and distribution voids. We achieve this goal by setting up clear lines of communication between managers, sales teams, and distributors to ensure your brand maintains a consistent presence on store shelves and keeping distributors, retailers, and customers happy.

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