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Sundance Spirits Company is committed to helping alcoholic beverage companies successfully access and navigate the burgeoning U.S. market. Whether you’re an artisanal distillery, winery or craft brewery, we can assist you in developing and executing a highly effective, custom-built “route-to-market” program that encompasses brand development, importation, regulatory compliance, distribution, marketing and sales management. Everything we create utilizes our many years of experience in the industry.

imported brands

As a licensed national importer, we work with established and emerging foreign producers of distilled spirits, wine and beer.

domestic brands

As a national distributor, we help domestic producers of alcohol reach their goals by facilitating placements and managing sales.

craft brands

We are passionate about craft alcohol and assist domestic and foreign artisanal producers in getting access to the growing U.S. market.

private labels

As experienced brand developers, we can help you build your brand, from product sourcing and packaging to sales and marketing.

About Sundance Spirits
The U.S. alcohol beverage market is constantly evolving. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering quality results to each of our clients and staying committed to the success of their brands, while staying in constant communication to make sure they’re on the right track to reach their full potential.
A Spirited Journey...

Our philosophy is that great craft alcohol branding can only be delivered by an experienced team with a deep social and cultural understanding of the artisanal process and the U.S. beverage market. Leveraging on our years of industry experience and thriving relationships with trade accounts, we’re able to provide you with the insights and results you need to get consumers to discover your products. We are proud to represent established and emerging brands that embody the authentic craftsmanship and uncompromised qulaity that inspire loyalty among consumers.

Marina Wilson From the chairman's desk
We always stay on the cutting edge of market trends, so our clients keep their competitive advantage in the industry.

Our brands include some of the most established and innovative craft alcohol producers from around the world.

We are dedicated to working as hard as they do, by taking our passion for artisanal spirits and giving our clients custom-built, high-quality solutions, because at Sundance Spirits, we believe that your success is the key to ours.

our company history
Innovation is a key in driving consumer enthusiasm for craft alcohol.

More than ever, American consumers are demonstrating their preference for unique and varied alcoholic beverages. From flavor profiles to storytelling packaging, we help our cleints to remain on the top of industry trends.

Foreign producers
The United States is one of the leading importers of distilled spirits, wine and beer.

With a market volume of $158.1M in 2018, the U.S. is the second largest market for alcoholic beverages, second only to China. Although it has an impressive projected annual growth of 4.1%, the American alcoholic beverage industry is also one of the most complex and regulated market segments in the country.

As a national importer of distilled spirits, wine and beer, Sundance Spirits Company handles all aspects of importation, logistics, Customs clearance and regulatory compliance, helping foreign alcoholic beverage producers gain entry into the expanding U.S. market.

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Domestic Brands
We create custom strategies for a variety of distribution solutions.

Sometimes, we don’t have to travel the globe to find the most accomplished up-and-coming craft alcohol producers. We help artisanal American brands develop the sales strategies they need to grow more efficiently in the market.

The three tiers of the American artisanal beverage industry can be hard to navigate, even for domestic brands. Our team works effectively for domestic craft brands by nurturing brand loyalty among U.S. consumers, developing retailer advocacy, and improving sales.

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By leveraging our established supply chain relationships, we can globally source premium quality spirits, wine and beer.

For established and aspiring private label owners alike, Sundance Spirits Company provides an all-inclusive package of services that will propel your brand throughout its life cycle. We’ll guide you through all the steps of building a successful brand, from product sourcing and flavor evaluations to unique branding strategies and packaging design. From this to federal and state regulatory compliance, product registrations, and marketing and sales management, we have you covered.

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We work with a wide range of craft alcohol brands, providing each of them with tailored solutions to navigate the U.S. market.

No matter how big or small your artisanal spirits brand is, we’ll help you redefine it by putting people and value first. By developing your brand’s identity, you’ll make it easier for consumers to discover your products on store shelves. Our commitment to your team starts with our professional advisors that share a common set of values and a common vision to see your brand succeed.

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We see the success of our clients as our success

Mutual Goal

Imports and sales of craft alcoholic beverages — whether beer, wine, liqueurs, distilled spirits, or fermented drinks - have increased in recent years in response to rising consumer demand. The past year was marked by a continuous growth of craft beer and spirits as well as by openings of many new craft distilleries and microbreweries and a rise in experimental drinking by consumers who enjoy discovering new flavors and mixing creative drinks.

These great news for artisan alcohol industry sector also signify a quickly growing competition between craft producers for a limited retail space. To remain competitive and relevant in today's market environment, craft producers seek new ways to reach out to consumers, double down on creativity and explore new venues for effective marketing. Our talented design and sales team will work closely with our distribution partners to grow your sales by creating marketing campaigns that engage consumers and nurture brand loyalty.

We work relentlessly with all of our clients to position their brand, so they can get more consumers to discover their products. From day one, we’ve been dedicated to artisanal spirits and finding joy in seeing our brands succeed.

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